Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery (ORL-HNS)

The department of Ear, Nose & Throat in Bintulu Hospital is a Secondary level of service i.e to provide general Specialist Care for patients with ear, nose, throat and related areas of the head and neck region.

1.1) Scope of Clinical Services provided by the ORL-HNS services

  • The department will function to provide Secondary level ORL-HNS services
  • To provide all the services with respect to ORL-HNS as in any General Hospital services to the community.
  • To provide adequate investigative procedure/s and preliminary care for the patient prior to referral to another unit for specialised care as and when required.
  • To perform elective surgical procedures as scheduled in the operation lists. This applies to in-patients as well as for day surgery.
  • To attend to emergency cases irrespective of working hours and according to schedule


1.2) Other functions of the ORL-HNS Department

Other services to client and community

This shall imply educating the public in relation to the care of the ear, nose and throat, and to increase awareness of the public on pollution, occupational health hazards such as noise-induced deafness and the importance of screening for hearing loss at very early age and its management, effects of smoking and drug abuse, and factors contributing to cancers of the head & neck.


1.3) Vision

Department of ORL-HNS, Bintulu Hospital will provide general ORL-HNS services with the goal of providing client focussed quality care through process excellence and community participation in an environment conducive to competent and committed staff with a progressive mindset.


1.4) Mission

  •  To provide safe, effective, efficient and high quality client focused care.
  • To work in partnership with the community to promote health and practice preventive medicine.
  • To develop a competent, disciplined and ethical work force with a progressive mindset.
  • To establish an organization driven by knowledge, innovation, integrity and trust.


1.5) Objectives

  • To treat all clients with compassion, empathy and sensitive to a diverse client population
  • To provide medical services based on evidence and patient needs
  • To promote effective health education among clients and their family members
  • To ensure high competency of staff through trainings and medical educations
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